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Mental Health In The Beauty Industry

As we jump into a new era of different values and set norms, the more one tries to keep up, one begins to buckle as the weight gradually becomes heavier. We all want to be our own boss now that we have convinced ourselves that the ultimate success is self made success. We follow and take notes from our favorite mentors, celebrities and influencers on social media, trying to live and keep up the aesthetic lifestyle. However, when do we allow ourselves the time to breathe? We create our own brand and so much more and as the hard work pays off, we become the female hustlers we aspire to be, but to what extent? When is it enough for ourselves?

Becoming an entrepreneur comes with sacrifices. We lose the 9-5 and work ourselves til failure. Nowadays we raise our standards to be the girl boss, healthy, athletic, outgoing person we want our followers to see. But how many of us actually dedicate time to our self care needs?

Good Habits To Follow

Schedule Adequate Time Off

When planning ours books, it's important to block off time for ourselves. This time is for you, and however you choose to spend it. This does not include cancellations, or times that you were not able to fill. The key is to physically block off the time for yourself. When choosing adequate time off, this will vary per person.

Try To Do Something For Yourself Every Morning Before You Begin Your Day

The list is endless, find something that resonates with you the most and will affect you in the most positive way. Exercise for 30 minutes, write in a journal, wake up early, read, or anything else that fulfills you. The major benefit that can come from this is creating a routine gives a sense of stability. When one begins to feel overwhelmed, our mind tends to feel chaotic and our focus shifts. We want to prevent that as much as possible. You owe it to yourself to dedicate time out of your day in the most selfish way.

Change Your Mindset

We live in a society where one must be in competition with another. The

market is huge, and we provide services that will continue to be in high demand for a very long time. Self care is practiced most by our clients now more than ever. Although, it may be difficult to admit, comparing your work to another is inevitable but this is a habit some must learn to quit. There is enough for everyone; the clientele , rapport, and space, will always be there. Once you shift your focus from being better than the rest, to being surrounded by the best, things will align naturally for you. As you change your mindset in a more positive way, you will feel your energy shift. Support each other as much as possible, no one understands the struggle more than the other nail tech, or lash tech or even makeup artist. We are an industry within itself, collaborations have proven to increase profit margins. We love a supportive queen.

Be Selfish

No client is the same, and the conversations have so much freedom. We often have clients that come to; vent, gossip, relax and destress themselves. You don't have to be a firm believer in energies or auras. But when we come across a client who is not feeling well, this could be mentally, emotionally and/or physically, we blindy take it home with us. In order to take care of others, we must take care of ourselves. Avoiding this will cause us to lose motivation, focus, passion and even quality in our work. The terms "be selfish" can sound contradicting in this industry, but take my words literal. Prioritize yourself for yourself. Give yourself social media breaks, create business hours where you turn your business mode off and be yourself for the rest of the day. If a client messages you late at night, wait to reply in the morning. It is crucial to always have a divide between your business and your personal life.


When we retire early from the things we are passionate about, we may feel like failures because of the huge emphasis our society places on persevering through the grind. However, if a job becomes so toxic that it’s impacting your physical and mental health, it may be time to fall into better habits. This may be hard for some who feel like they associate large parts of their identities with their jobs. Our passions tend to be closely aligned with who we are as people, how we view ourselves, and how others view us. Many of us may feel like losing our “dream jobs” is akin to “losing ourselves.” If you are already feeling fatigued through your work, it is never too late to hit the reset button. Practice good habits to relight your spark. When practiced regularly over time, these habits will sustain you even when things get tough.

If you need to rekindle the relationship with your business and get that loving feeling again, put in the time and effort. You probably started your business because you loved what you were doing, and you probably have so much success for that same reason. Make the time to reconnect with your business and find the love again. Remember, as Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work, is to love what you do.”

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